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While the debate around the validity of anti-ageing skincare isn’t new, the advent of skin age reversal is, and it’s moving the benchmark of excellence in skin biotechnology. Here’s why…

The world of skincare is full of rumours and misinformation, having us believe that we can get rid of wrinkles and crow’s feet and that a firm youthful complexion is within our grasp.
But how can you assess whether the tiny jar of anti-aging cream you’re about to spend a fortune on can actually deliver on its promise? Are anti-ageing elixirs even real or are they a myth?

To answer this, we need to inform ourselves on how it is that skin ages in the first place. As it stands, it is your skincare brand that should come under scrutiny NOT the claim that you can stop skin ageing in its tracks. So says Jerome Jackson of Gève Phytogenetics of which he is Director and Head of Global Research and Product Development.

“It is absolutely possible to slow down biological skin ageing. Not only that but to even reverse the signs of ageing and take years off of your face,” he says.

The research behind the development of Gève is proving this without a doubt. The bottomline: once you know how your skin ages and how your skincare product works, you are in the best position to choose your skincare brand wisely.

“The trick is to shape the biological age of your skin independently of your skin’s chronological age and this goes for all cells,” says Jackson. “Old cells can be made young again.”
Experiments at key universities around the world are backing this finding. More recently in December 2020, Harvard Medical School scientists successfully restored vision in mice by turning back the clock on aged eye cells in the retina to recapture youthful gene function.

Developmental Biologist at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California has claimed this as a major landmark. “These results clearly show that tissue regeneration in mammals can be enhanced,” he said.

The team at Harvard Medical School has been working on adding, removing or altering chemical groups on DNA in such a way that it alters the cells’ biological age. The results, they say, show it is possible to reverse a range of age-related human disease rather than merely stem its progression.

The same can be said of skin ageing, which at a cellular level Jackson considers to be a disease, not a natural phenomenon.

“When it comes to the research done on the DNA of skin cells, proof of concept has already been offered,” he says.

The key player here? Telomeres.

Telomeres lengthening

Telomeres act as the anti-aging clock in every skin cell. If you were to picture a double-stranded helix of DNA, and imagine each strand to be a shoelace, the telomeres would be the plastic caps at the end of each strand. Without this coating, the strand would eventually become frayed and the DNA would stop functioning properly.

“Telomeres get shorter each time a skin cell copies itself, but the important DNA stays intact. Eventually, telomeres get too short to do their job, causing the cells – and the skin as a whole – to age,” says Jackson. “Each cell divides about 40 – 60 times, after which the cell cannot divide further. Thereafter programmed cell death ensues (apoptosis) or cell dormancy (senescence). These inactive cells are then each known as a senescent cell.”

Limiting cell division is therefore healthy, and choosing a skincare range that can work at a DNA level is key to getting the youthful results you’re after.

This is where Gève comes in.

“Our selection of targeted phyto-compounds includes actives we’ve extracted from emerging buds and shoots in a process known as gemmotherapy. These compounds found in our skincare range preserve and add telomere length cancelling out the effects of environmental and oxidative stress, and halting abnormal cellular growth. At the very least, skin ageing is slowed and you tend to look as younger than your chronological age. At best, the compounds can prevent the signs of ageing, and by adding to telomere length and flushing out senescent cells they can visibly reverse wrinkles, crow’s feet and hyper-pigmentation, turning back the hands of time,” says Jackson.

“The results are dependent on each person’s unique health profile and lifestyle, and their commitment to using the product as directed.”

Ultimately while the viability of anti-ageing skincare products has come under huge scrutiny, the advent of skin age reversal is a proven concept – and Gève backs this up.
The deciding factor ultimately when choosing a skincare brand is answering the question of how skin deep you’d like your product to work.

“Working with DNA’s telomeres might be the most targeted approach yet in skincare – with telomere lengthening setting a precedent in unveiling radiant, glowing skin and turning the clock back on ageing skin,” says Jackson.
“The advent of skin age reversal in the lab is revolutionising how men and women are approaching skincare today – and Gève might just be the miracle they’re looking for.”