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“We’re proud to be producing Gève – an ethical, natural and effective skincare range, and proud of our Best-In-Class ingredients,” say Aseyah and Jerome.

“We love being leaders in innovation and setting a precedent in skin biotechnology is our forté. We have a tendency to live in the future, and that’s where we’ll stay – consistently working skin deep to research, develop and produce elixirs that deliver radiance from the inside out!

“Watch this space!”

Gève Phytogenetics is a manufacturer and supplier of natural, plant based skincare, natural perfume, beauty and spa products.

Our approach is natural and we do not compromise on that aspect. Products are manufactured to a greater than 95% natural content. We employ state of the art extraction technology and combine it with herbal science to bring about a marriage of perfect harmony and efficacy. Harnessing the power of plants and nature to unlock the true potential of your skin.

It is always our highest goal to protect you from toxic chemicals in your skincare. We provide skin food instead.